Helping to Change Lives

Giving back

Over forty years working in travel and tourism - first as a tour leader and then as co-founder of the adventure travel company EXPLORE - has allowed me to travel to over 100 countries, many of them in the developing world.

Along with the fun and adventure that such travels brought, came the realisation of some serious truths: that education, together with support for health facilities, the nurturing of traditional art, music and crafts and the promotion of sport are all key to improving and changing lives in the disadvantaged communities of so many countries.

Whilst major charities do so much good on a wider scale, help is also needed for numerous smaller community projects. Projects too small in scale to attract the interest of major charities; projects where even a donation of just a few thousand pounds can make a big difference at a community level.

It’s these smaller community projects that we are aiming to work with. So now, starting, and funding, the Derek Moore Foundation gives me the chance to give something back to the communities through which I have travelled.

Derek Moore

Our Objective

Is to promote sustainable economic growth and empowerment in socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

We aim to achieve this by providing grants to assist in the development and growth of community projects which promote education or sport, or nurture traditional arts and crafts or music.

Following the principle of not just giving a man a fish but instead teaching him how to fish, training is a key part of our projects, and, for many of our projects, the development of sustainable tourism at a local community level is a part of our overall aim of helping to change lives.

The Derek Moore Foundation

  • We work with smaller community projects that larger charities overlook.
  • We only work with existing Projects to maximise the safety of your donations.
  • We are all volunteers so 100% of your money goes to our Projects.
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